interiorcad Manual


Thank you for using Vectorworks interiorcad. This manual is designed to quickly get you to usable, relevant results. Vectorworks interiorcad’s intuitive user interface will assist you in your learning process.

Nevertheless, a manual cannot replace CAD training with an experienced Vectorworks interiorcad trainer, as the possibilities for using Vectorworks interiorcad are too broad. For example, the demands of companies designing interior fitouts or kitchen designs are quite different from those of a shopfitting business or a small joinery firm.

What is Vectorworks interiorcad?

interiorcad is based on the CAD system Vectorworks, which is developed by Vectorworks, Inc.. interiorcad and VectorWOP, an NC control add-on, are developed by extragroup GmbH.

Vectorworks interiorcad supports the Vectorworks module Renderworks. This way, you can not only design objects for interior fitting, but also create photorealistic 3D renderings directly within Vectorworks interiorcad.

At a glance

interiorcad offers you easy-to-use tools for a multitude of pre-production planning tasks in typical interior fitting and shopfitting businesses. Using the Cabinet Maker, you can create Cabinets of any kind - even irregular-shaped or slanted designs. Thanks to Vectorworks interiorcad's intuitive user interface, impressive results can be achieved with minimum effort. There are further tools for creating custom parts.

Using the Manual

Since interiorcad is based on Vectorworks, this manual only describes interiorcad commands and tools. A description of basic Vectorworks commands can be found in the Vectorworks User's Guide and the Design Series User's Guide.

Windows vs. macOS

The differences between the two Vectorworks interiorcad versions are minor: The main difference is the keyboard modifier key used. On Windows systems, the «Ctrl» key is used to trigger keyboard shortcuts. The equivalent on OS X systems is the «command» key.


To use Vectorworks interiorcad you must use a Workspace that includes the interiorcad functions, e.g. the interiorcad or interior xs workspace in Tools > Workspaces menu.

Sometimes, the tools and commands become deprecated in favor of newly developed features. These tools are usually still available as part of the installation and can be inserted into the current workspace using the Vectorworks Workspace Editor.


We would like to thank all our users already working with Vectorworks interiorcad. Without your constructive suggestions, interiorcad would not be as powerful and efficient as it is today.
If you have any suggestions or feedback on Vectorworks interiorcad, please do not hesitate to contact our support engineers at