VectorWOP 3D

VectorWOP is an optional feature to generate NC code. To cope with the current generation of machines sold, interiorcad 2013, (or later), provides a completely redesigned and rewritten interface to generate the required data «directly from 3D». This interface can be used with Custom Part 3D and Cabinet plugin objects. Since the data is exported to machines WOP, it does not matter whether an output is required for a CNC machine, a panel saw or an ERP software, because the interface always has access to all required data.

A scripting interface is used to grab any data from the tracker and convert it into the destination file formats. We have chosen Python, a fully object-oriented and powerful programming language, to get rid of some of the limitations we had to face with the former interfaces. Python programs are just plain text files which can be edited on either platform using a simple text editor (such as Notepad or Text Edit).